Creative easter meat ideas for your private dinner guests
Creative easter meat ideas for your private dinner guests

Creative easter meat ideas for your private dinner guests

Updating your easter meat menu with reputable suppliers

We are sure you are already thinking about what you are going to offer your dining guests on the upcoming Easter weekend. This is an incredibly important time of year for many people and a growing number of people are choosing to book a table and eat out as a family rather than trying to squeeze everyone into their dining room. For this reason, you need to start planning your easter meat menu now so you can get your tables booked up and offer your guests something extra special.

Finding a reputable supplier to purchase your easter meat from can be challenging. Easter only comes round once a year so it’s important you get this choice right. Luckily, IMS of Smithfield has given you a few pointers on how to choose the best meat supplier to work with in 2022:

Find out where your meat is coming from – your supplier should be able to provide you with a grassroots view of your meat, including the farm it was reared from and its provenance.

View the easter meat offerings that you can purchase – your menu should offer a complete variety of choices for your guests. Choose a wholesale butcher that can provide a range of meats for your menu.

Butchers accreditation – does your chosen supplier have the accreditation to back up their quality produce? Ask your supplier about their accreditation to see what they can supply you with.

What do other customers think? – Don’t just take the word of your butcher. Take a look at reviews, testimonials and online comments to ensure the quality of the product you are getting is second to none.

Beautiful cuts of easter meat for your private dining guests

At IMS of Smithfield, we believe in only providing the most beautiful cuts of meat for our customers and our easter meat choices are no different. You will be able to give your customers a real treat when you order your restaurant easter meat from IMS of Smithfield and many will struggle to know what to pick!

Our chicken produce is British farm assured and is the only totally integrated producer of British Farm Assured Chicken in the UK. Our suppliers work hard to maintain the highest quality by ensuring the chicken are from an ethical chain of breeding and processing through to feeding and enriching environments.

If you want to include lamb on your menu this easter, you will find no better quality of lamb than from IMS of Smithfield. Our producers operate within the strictest standards in relation to animal welfare and our lamb is reared by a small group who understand the need and importance of producing high-quality lamb.

Our easter meat menu wouldn’t be the same without a beef choice for our diners. We ensure that the beef selected by our clients is care weight and graded to meet individual requirements. This results in a tender and succulent beef that has a beautiful texture and flavour – expected from a traditional English beef cut.

If you are planning on offering something a little different on your easter meat menu this year, check out our other produce to see what inspires you and your kitchen this easter!

Vegetarian choices for your easter meat dinner menus

With the growing population becoming more interested in vegetarian meals, it’s important to think about the meat-free meals you will include on your easter meat menu so you can cater to all those who are dining with you during easter. Whether you want to include meat-free substitutes such as tofu or you would prefer to offer vegetable-based alternatives, your private dinner guests will be very grateful for more vegetarian options on your menu.

Why not plan to mix up traditional meal choices with something a little bit different to wow your veggie guests this easter? Don’t forget to dig out that perfect recipe for the best roast potatoes that will have your guests full to the brim and still wanting to add more to their plate. Creating vegetable dishes doesn’t have to be a chore when you have a bit of easter inspiration.

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IMS of Smithfield are your local wholesaler butchers in London

Easter is a time for family, friends, and fun. So don’t fret over your east meat menu when you have a trusted wholesale butcher like IMS of Smithfield that you can rely on. For the last 50 years, we have been supplying Londons best restaurants, caterers and hotels with the high-quality meat they are proud to use in their kitchen and serve to their guests. We believe in quality, trust and reliability and this is how we have built our business to be the successful and sustainable supplier we are today.

Whether you are looking to speak to the team about what we can supply for your private dinner guests, you are looking for inspiration or you simply need a hand to find the best quality meat for your easter meat menu, IMS of Smithfield and the creative team are here to help you in any way we can. Visit us today in Kings Cross or give us a call to discuss your requirements with a helpful member of the team. We look forward to helping you make your easter meat menu a success in 2022.