2022 meat trends from your Smithfield market meat suppliers
2022 meat trends from your Smithfield market meat suppliers

2022 meat trends from your Smithfield market meat suppliers

We have the pandemic to thank for our new meat trends of 2022. With many of us working from home throughout the last two years, we have been able to take a much greater interest in the comfort foods of our past, bigger breakfasts to get us through the day and the health side of what we are putting into our bodies.

So how will this change in food trends affect the restaurant and hospitality industry in 2022? Your Smithfield Market meat suppliers have been looking into the meat trends we can expect from the food industry in 2022 and what you should be serving your customers next year.

Levantine escapes and getting fired up with your meat

Made up of a large area in Eastern Mediterranean, we brits have always been fascinated by Mediterranean food’s beauty and health benefits. This year, we have seen the rise of Levantine food choices. Using beautiful lamb cuts or boneless chicken pieces, your Mediterranean dishes can really come to life with high-quality animal products from a locally sourced place. There are many health benefits to Levantine food due to the way dishes are cooked and the incorporation of proteins, healthy fats and vegetables in every dish. Surprise your guests with beautifully cooked meals that are healthy and full of taste.

Home cooking is getting more creative, particularly during the year we spent a lot of time at home. Brits are starting to experiment with fire cooking and the fantastic tastes this can bring. From using different types of wood to layering fire flavours over each other – we have become more confident than ever with our outdoor cooking. Choosing to work with different woods will bring various flavours to your meat cuts. For example, Olive, maple and oak produce different flavoured smoke that will infuse with your beautiful meat and create a taste explosion.

Why not experiment a little in your restaurant kitchen next year with meats from your Smithfield Market meat suppliers? Check out our favourite pairings below:

Juniper wood – pair this with beef and other fatty meats for a balsamic and woody flavouring

Maple wood – a sweet taste that matches perfectly with poultry and pork cuts of meat

Cherry wood – fruity smoke flavouring that’s beautiful with game or veal cuts.

Bigger breakfasts and childhood comfort foods

This year has seen an unprecedented amount of people working from home. With many still yet to return to the office, travel time is down, and bigger breakfasts are on the rise. There has been a shift in food buying habits. Many are choosing a cooked breakfast instead of the on the go snack that was previously favoured. Bacon sales were up 21% in 2021, and as us brits get used to that bigger breakfast again, we are more likely to choose it when we go out to eat for our morning meal. Ensure you have plenty of bacon in stock from your Smithfield market meat suppliers to bring in 2022.

We often look back on our childhood days with delight as we remember the culinary wonders our family would cook up. The pandemic has brought this feeling to the surface, and many are turning back to our childhood dishes to provide inspiration and comfort food we long for. If you are planning your menus for 2022, why not take a look back at popular dishes of the past to whip up some delights? If you need inspiration, speak to your Smithfield Market meat suppliers, who will be sure to offer sound advice when it comes to choosing meats that match those comfort food trends of the past.

An introduction to flexitarianism from your Smithfield market meat suppliers

The term ‘flexitarian’ is already on everyone’s lips – but what does it actually mean? It refers to people who eat meat or dairy products occasionally rather than every day. The trend has been around since at least 2016, when celebrity chef Jamie Oliver coined it. He said: “It means you don’t have to give up eating meat if you want to make sure that you can still get all the nutrients you need.” Although this trend is set to see plant-based alternatives become a more popular choice, the demand for high-quality meat is still a priority as more of the UK become aware of the carbon footprint their food adds to the environment.

When you purchase your restaurant meats from IMS of Smithfield, you can be confident that all your choices can be traced back to grassroots. We have excellent relationships with our local farmers and only have cuts of meat that are sustainably raised. If you would like to see the grassroots for yourself, why not take a look at our farm days where you can visit the farm and take a look at the processing chain?

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IMS are your local Smithfield market meat suppliers for 2022

IMS of Smithfield are the popular choice for many restaurants and hospitality venues in London for various reasons. Animal welfare and sustainable food choices are top of our priority list, and we want to ensure our clients can purchase responsibly with us time and time again. Whether you are looking for meat inspiration for your 2022 menu or you are looking for a variety of choices that will allow you to cater to a broader customer base, IMS of Smithfield are the local meat suppliers you need to work with in 2022.

Visit us and see our vast range of products for yourself. We are sure as your Smithfield Market meat suppliers, we can help you succeed with your meat trends next year.