Our Butchery Academy supports a new generation of chefs

Butchery Academy

Workshops and courses

IMS of Smithfield’s acclaimed butchery academy has been pivotal in the development and training of chefs throughout the UK over the last decade.

With an array of workshops on offer, from entry level butchery to nose-to-tail product development, our one day courses offer our clients an invaluable experience and understanding of the fascinating world of butchery.

Be that carcass optimisation, muscle formation or basic knife handling, all workshops are designed to cater for all skill sets. Bookings to made 6 months in advance to secure dates with an allocation of 8-10 attendees per workshop

For further information please contact our customer service desk 020 7383 3080 or email sales@imsofsmithfield.com.

butchery academy
butchery academy