ALS Global The integrity of our test results is of paramount importance.


ALS Global 

ALS Global The integrity of our test results is of paramount importance. ALS Global rank among the most knowledgeable in the industry and their experience, combined with the insight gained from undertaking a comprehensive range of tests every day, assures customers that every single test result from ALS Food testing is delivered with utmost accuracy and integrity. ALS Food and Pharmaceutical is fully committed to creating a dynamic culture across its laboratories, ensuring the delivery of an industry-leading service to all its customers. ALS Global hold a wide range of accreditations inlcuding UKAS accredited to ISO 17025, INAB accredited testing laboratory (Reg. No. 166T) to ISO 17025, DEFRA approved, GMP compliant and MHRA inspected. ALS provide us with the following test services our meat and poultry products :

o Microbiological Testing
o Chemical and Nutritional Testing
o Meat Speciation and DNA Testing
o Allergen Testing
o Contamination Testing
o Water Testing
o Swab Testing



Provenance is crucial for our customers and our partnership with Oritain allows us to offer that assurance; when we claim our products are British, we can now underpin those claims with scientific fact. Instead of using traditional paper or label based traceability methods, they test the actual protein itself to trace it back to its origin. Using sophisticated forensic science, they analyse products to create an origin fingerprint which exists due to where the product was reared.

For us Oritain have analysed samples of our British raised beef and lamb, and created their very own origin fingerprints which we can test against at any stage throughout the supply chain to ensure that we continue to offer the highest integrity produce to our customers. Oritain are the world leaders in product traceability and origin verification for a range of products and industries, worldwide.
The Oritain method traces actual products back to their true origin using advanced science. The Oritain method is robust and provides reassurance that other traceability services cannot. When you choose to buy an IMS product, you are choosing a new benchmark for product traceability and safety. By partnering Oritain we help our customers achieve the following goals.