Celebrate Easter in style with these luxury meat hampers
Celebrate Easter in style with these luxury meat hampers

Celebrate Easter in style with these luxury meat hampers

With Easter just a few weeks away, it’s time to start planning what you’ll be doing over the bank holiday weekend. The good news is, that while we will still officially be in lockdown, we will be able to meet people outside, either with one other household or within the ‘rule of six’. Even better we will be able to socialise in private gardens. That means it’s time to roll out the BBQs!

With the prospect of a long bank holiday weekend and the chance to finally meet up with at least some friends again, we are delighted to launch our Easter Weekenders – a very special range of hampers which will keep your friends and family full and satisfied over the Easter weekend.

And not only do our hampers include an Easter Sunday roast option but also a selection of BBQ favourites, so there should be something for everyone.

Read on to find out more about our fresh meat hampers and our special early bird promotion if you pre-order by Friday 27th March 2021.

Get Easter ready with a traditional lamb roast

If you’re a bit of a traditionalist, then you will love our first Easter weekender hamper which features a stunning carvery cut Welsh Hill leg of lamb.

Our lamb is renowned for being of the finest quality as we only use a select group of producers who understand the need to produce excellent quality lamb.  They only source livestock from the lush green pastures of the Welsh hills and valleys where they are allowed to graze and roam freely. This means Welsh Hill lamb is the finest Welsh PGI brand destined for export markets, testament to its superior quality.

Succulent, tender, and hand cut by our trained Smithfield butchers, each lamb cut is treated with the care and love it deserves. A stunning traditional Easter roast that will serve 8 – 10 people.

And in addition to this perfect lamb cut and BBQ favourites, you’ll also get 4 Grass Fed Limousin Beef Sirloin Steaks Bone In. Great, if you should fancy something a little bit different on Easter Sunday.

Make this Easter the best yet with a delicious piece of beef

Fancy something a bit different this Easter? Well, how about the wonderful piece of beef you’ll find in our Easter Weekender Hamper 2.

Just like all our products we only believe in supplying the best quality meat and our Limousin Beef is no exception. Known for its exceptional tenderness and with substantially lower fat content than in other breeds, it’s lean, tender, full of flavour and even good for you. What’s not to like?!

Just remember roast striploin is best roasted quickly and served on the pink side if you want to experience all its succulent glory.

And if you are a bit more of a traditionalist, don’t worry, as this Easter meat box, also comes with some lamb cuts in the shape of 6 Welsh Hill Lamb Loin chops.

Recreate Christmas with a turkey this Easter

If you were not fortunate enough to spend Christmas with your loved ones due to Coronavirus restrictions, why not go for turkey this Easter?

All our turkeys are from UK, reared on farms within the county of Hertfordshire in open-sided barns with plenty of fresh air and grassy paddocks in which to roam. The result is high quality, delicious tasting meat.

And we have to admit that our Hertfordshire reared turkey breast is one of our favourites.  Boneless and wrapped in streaky bacon to keep it super moist it’s the perfect roasting joint for a memorable Easter Lunch.

And this hamper also comes with a pack of 4 Cherry Orchard Pork chops. Yum!

A selection of BBQ favourites in each hamper

If you’re anything like us Easter isn’t just about a Sunday roast, but also about the opportunity to spend a few days with friends and family, and if the weather is good, get that BBQ out. While lockdown restrictions will still be in force, we can at least meet up in groups of 6, which is why we’ve included a number of BBQ meat and poultry goodies in each hamper.

You will be able to choose from delicious Welsh Lamb Kofta KebabsShropshire Reared Chicken Brochette and of course our succulent gourmet burgers and premium pork sausages.

Like all our products, each of these is a prime meat product and has been sourced from some of Britain’s most prestigious farms who benefit from generations of experience, quality and ethnicity.

As Smithfield butchers, we believe in sourcing as locally as possible and are open about the provenance, food miles and animal husbandry of all our farms and suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with only the best, most responsibly sourced meat products, so you can be confident you will get to enjoy high-quality meat this Easter.

Find out more about the accreditation and provenance of our products and also what other meat and poultry goodies you can order from our online shop.

Pre-order your meat hamper and get a special early bird promotion

From 17 March to midnight on Friday 27th March 2021, we will be offering a very special early bird promotion on all these meat hampers. Just enter this discount code [xxxx] at checkout and you will get £5 off. All meat hampers will be delivered directly to your door and there is free deliver on orders over £50. So, why not get your order in for Easter today?

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter.