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Handling Vacuum Packed Products

1. Remove the meat/poultry completely from the vacuum packing at least 45 minutes prior to cooking

2. Once the product is free from packaging the oxygen will start to return to the muscles – please ensure that the product is kept refrigerated during this period

3. During the 45 minute period you will notice that the colour of the meat will be restored to its natural look and the strong odour would have dispersed

4. The product will now be ready for cooking

By removing/restricting the oxygen passage to meat it helps preserve the food for longer. Oxygen is one of the main accelerators of micro bacteria/ pathogen growth which spoils food and may increase the risk of food poisoning accordingly. It is therefore critical that all meat and poultry products where possible are vacuum packed to help decrease bacteria on the foods that you serve.

Removing the oxygen from any food stuffs such as meat and poultry will obviously have an effect on the appearance and the odour. Therefore when you remove the product from the vacuum packaging it will appear different to expected and have an odour which will be restored once you have followed the above procedure.

Freezing Poultry from Vacuum Packed
Follow decanting procedure above before freezing poultry products that have been supplied vacuum packed.