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British Farm Assured Chicken

Favoured Chicken Breeds

The Ross Cobb
Lowest cost of live weight produced, superior performance on lower cost chicken feed rations, most feed efficient, excellent growth rate, best broiler uniformity for processing and a competitive breeder.

The Hubbard
Great carcass conformation, best FCR of all breeders currently on the market, excellent growth, ease of management and uniformity and excellent litter quality, it offers clear advantages in terms of welfare.

Accreditation Standards available to purchase: Red Tractor, Freedom Food, Free Range, Organic.



Located in the traditional poultry-rearing region of East Anglia, all functions from the manufacture of feed to the processing of quality fresh poultry are totally controlled by our farm ensuring traceability and quality along the entire production line. Our poultry is unique in being the only totally integrated producer of British Farm Assured Chicken in the UK. Its competitors, both large and small, are reliant upon the purchase of outside supplies at more than one stage of the production chain, thus their control and traceability is lost. All birds are grown to Red Tractor farm assured standards.

Our suppliers are able to deliver that quality because they control a sustainable and ethical chain from breeding, egg production, hatchery, farms and processing site through to the chicken feed and formulate and produce themselves. Their chickens are produced in houses that have an enriched environment, this means that chickens are reared on chopped straw and wood shavings with straw bales placed around the house for the birds to encourage their natural behaviour patterns.

We can guarantee the provenance and welfare of our chickens and offer integrity across all our products.

Health Benefits

  • High Source of protein and low in fat
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Full of Phosphorus which supports teeth and bones
  • Abundance of selenium, an essential mineral involved in metabolic performance
  • Rich in Niacin
  • Essential for Healthy Tissue growth
  • Promotes a healthy heart

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