Corporate Hospitality with your racecourse meat supplier
Successful corporate hospitality at your racecourse with a quality meat supplier

Successful corporate hospitality at your racecourse with a quality meat supplier

Providing the best meat for your corporate hospitality

When your guests choose a corporate hospitality package at your racecourse, they look for something different. An opulent, unique event that is sure to stay with them for years to come. Whether your guests are looking at providing luxury and entertainment to their clients or guests are looking for a day of indulgence themselves, your corporate hospitality must run smoothly and with success.

This month, IMS of Smithfield looks at food suppliers’ role in your corporate hospitality experience and how choosing the right supplier could make all the difference to your guests and their experience.

Sustainable meat choices to serve at corporate hospitality

Racecourses and the hospitality they provide are synonymous with quality and style. It is a popular choice for corporate events where businesses can invite their clients to wine and dine, impressing them with beautiful surroundings, entertainment, and fabulous food. So, just how important is the food you are serving to your hospitality package and are you working with sustainable suppliers to impact your carbon footprint positively?

Delicious food is often at the centre of a successful day out. Surrounded by entertainment, conversation, and a perfect location, the food is not usually secondary. We have all heard stories of those who have eaten substandard food or not enjoyed the menu offerings. This can often negatively impact hospitality providers, regardless of the other great offerings in the package.

Choosing a sustainable meat supplier to provide meats for your hospitality could be another big tick in the box of setting your hospitality packages apart from your competitors. Showing that you are working to improve your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment sits very well with guests, particularly businesses who have booked hospitality and are at the forefront of improving their carbon footprint.

IMS of Smithfield have firmly believed in supplying British meat since their beginnings over 50 years ago. We have seen a considerable increase in the number of customers looking for sustainable and locally sourced meat. That’s why we take great care to look at the mileage of our meat and the farm from which it’s sourced, and the quality of the cut. Our long-standing relationships with several British farmers means we can trace our meats back to the grassroots. We are completely transparent with all our customers about animal husbandry, suppliers, and our meat’s provenance.

A variety of choices for your racecourse dinner guests

Part of the excitement and want to attend corporate hospitality is the menu’s range of dishes and uniqueness. A client doesn’t book hospitality with your venue to be offered the same choice of food they could get anywhere. That’s why you need to work closely with a quality butcher who can supply a variety of meat cuts and options that satisfy your exquisite menu and excited guests.


The charcuterie scene in Britain is growing fast, so with British cuts and several of the finest European charcuterie producers, we offer over 100 charcuterie choices for your menu. Whether you plan to include some beautiful meats as a sharing platter or pate choices for a starter, IMS of Smithfield has the option for you.

Gourmet burgers

Yes, you may be able to get a burger at some point down the road, but we can guarantee your diners won’t be able to purchase anything like our gourmet burgers. Made, seasoned and pressed in house to a range of sizes, our bespoke burgers can be tailored to your recipe and are also available as a halal option. Perfect for a more informal setting if your clients want to move around to network.

Game and specialised products

Our relationships with UK game producers means we can offer fresh game when it’s in season (December to February) and frozen game throughout the rest of the year. Our specialised products include bison, boar and ostrich, and several other meat choices. This specialised meat means you can offer something unique on your private menu.


A popular choice for both formal and informal dining, IMS of Smithfield are suppliers of the Gressingham Duck. A unique breed that offers exquisite taste and a lot of breast meat, duck, is bound to be a popular choice on your hospitality menu throughout the year.


Rising in popularity throughout the UK but not yet a staple meat choice, the goose is still a relatively unique option to include in your private dining package. Our medium weight geese originate from South Wales. Difficult to get right to avoid that tough texture, a goose on your menu will be a great contender as an alternative to chicken (if cooked to perfection).

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IMS of Smithfield are high-quality, sustainable meat suppliers

With over 50 years of experience in the meat industry, IMS of Smithfield offer a wide range of products to meet your every need. IMS of Smithfield are a family run business based in London and supporting clients across the UK. We were established in 1970 and based in Smithfield Markert before expanding and moving to our facility in Kings Cross, where you will find us to this day. With many skills and much experience in the meat and butchery industry, our friendly and skilled professionals can support you with just about any enquiry or concern you may have.

If you are looking for a meat supplier you can rely on to deliver high-quality corporate hospitality events, look no further than IMS of Smithfield. Give us a call today or visit us in-store to discuss your racecourse hospitality menu.