The importance of a high-quality airline meat supplier
The importance of a high-quality airline meat supplier

The importance of a high-quality airline meat supplier

Supplying airlines with the best quality wholesale meat for their journeys

Airline food has a bad wrap. But, with the right airline meat supplier it doesn’t have to be that way. Your inflight menus can say a lot about your airline so provide your passengers with a first class service that will ensure they tell their friends and book flights as soon as they land.

This month, IMS of Smithfield take a look at how your inflight food can get creative with the right airline meat supplier.

The traditional history of airline food

Most of us will have come across an inflight meal at some point in our lives and even for those who haven’t, we are sure you would have heard about it. Airline food traditionally has a bad reputation unless you are lucky enough to fly first or business class. Generally, for those who fly economy, you will be served with a snack pack or convenience bag that leaves a lot to be desired.

We have to spare a thought for those busy flight attendants. Preparing meals for all who are onboard can be a near impossible task, even when the main bulk of the meals have been prepared on the ground level by catering teams. An inflight meal can make or break that customer expectation so its important for all teams involved, from caterers to meal planners and attendants to get the level of service and taste correct.

Airline food doesn’t have to taste bland and boring

Whilst its no secret that airline food isn’t always great, IMS of Smithfield are hear to tell you that with the right airline meat suppliers, this doesn’t have to be the case. Caterers can create the most amazing flavours and dishes. This all starts with the quality of meat you work with. From 3 course complimentary meals served in business class, to convenience sandwiches and snacks in economy, creating and serving good quality food doesn’t have to stop when you leave the ground.

As an airline meat supplier, IMS of Smithfield know the importance of getting your inflight meals right and leaving your passengers raving for all the right reasons. Our quality meats are all sourced from local, reputable farmers and suppliers, meaning you can trace your menu choices right back to grass roots – and even visit those farms if you wish. IMS of Smithfield have a great reputation for providing meats to a variety of clients including venues, 5 star hotels and Michelin star restaurants.

The benefits of a quality airline meat supplier

Variety of meats available

We all like a bit of variety in our diets and why should an inflight meal choice be any different? At IMS of Smithfield, we have a huge range of meat to choose from so whether you would like to serve a traditional chicken dish, need a choice of game meats or you need a halal option on your menu, we are the perfect airline meat supplier for you and your airline.


Knowing where we get our meat from is incredibly important to IMS of Smithfield. We know its imperative for our clients to have access to meat that has come from an ethically sourced and sustainable grass roots background. All our meat is sourced from local farmers and our clients can visit the farms where their meat is reared so they can see the process for themselves.

High quality

Your passenger experience can make or break your airline. Thats why its so important to provide a high quality meal that passengers will enjoy. Your passengers spend a great deal of time on your flight so giving them a meal that is healthy and enjoyable will make them comfortable and relaxed. When you choose to work with an airline meat supplier, you will receive high quality meat every time.

Experience and knowledge

IMS of Smithfield have been supplying the catering world with wholesale meat for over 50 years, so we know all there is to know about the meat we are supplying to our clients. Working with a team that is full of experience and knowledge will give your catering team the confidence that they are serving meals of great quality.

Happy passengers

Ultimately, as a business, you’re end goal is to have happy passengers who are clamouring to fly with you again. This all starts with the customer service they receive and food choices are high on this list. We are sure that when you serve meats from IMS of Smithfield, your passengers will be a happy, well-fed bunch.

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IMS of Smithfield supply a wide range of airlines with high-quality meat

If you are looking for ways to revive your airline menu in 2022, IMS of Smithfield are your answer. We support hundreds of large clients in and around London with their catering. Whether you are a small airline with limited options or a large business supported hundreds of first class journeys every day, IMS of Smithfield are here to support you.

Visit our conveniently based shop near Kings Cross to speak to a member of the team and try our meat choices or give us a call to discuss your requirements. With over 50 years of experience in the meat industry, there’s nothing more we enjoy than helping our clients succeed with their catering.