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Product Development

Creating and innovating

Clients more so than ever are working with their suppliers to explore more ways to add new exciting products to their portfolio. Therefore utilising the whole carcass reduces waste and extracts parts from the animal that would have had little retail value, ‘nose-to-tail butchery’.

The main purpose is to offer a point of difference within the market, to attract consumers who now demand more choice, more transparency and most importantly more value in the food they buy.

We offer onsite developments days, whereby we will open our factory to your team of exec chefs who will be able to work alongside our development team to create, test and sample various meat primals that may have been overlooked in the past. It has been proven to be a very successful tool to create cost effective, innovative dishes and builds great relationships between supplier and customer.

To find out more please call our team on 020 7383 3080.

IMS - Product Development
IMS - Product Development