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Ensuring Provenance, Quality, and Transparency

The Growing Demand for Locally Sourced Meat WHOLESALERS UK

There has been a notable shift in consumer preferences towards locally sourced meat in recent years. More than ever, customers are taking a stand against globalisation and expressing a desire for meat raised locally, minimising the distance it travels from the farm to their plate. The demand for low food miles is not the sole focus, however. Quality meat continues to be of utmost importance, setting a precedent for a transparent economic cycle.

Meeting Consumer Expectations for Transparency

As a meat wholesalers UK, IMS of Smithfield understand the evolving needs of consumers and strives to meet their expectations for transparency. We firmly believe in open communication and publicising the provenance, food miles, and animal husbandry practices of all our farms and suppliers within our supply chain. By doing so, we offer peace of mind to our diverse customer base, who can trust in the quality and ethical standards we uphold.

Provenance - IMS of Smithfield

Provenance -MEAT WHOLESALERS UK Supporting British Meat Industry

At IMS of Smithfield, we have developed strong relationships with many of Britain’s most prestigious farms over the past 40 years. Our partnership with farmers and suppliers exemplifies our commitment to the purchase and continued supply of British meat. IMS has supported the British meat industry by sourcing beef, pork, lamb, and poultry from farms with generations of experience, ensuring exceptional quality and preserving our rich culinary heritage.

By choosing British meat, we contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of local farms. Supporting the British meat industry is a responsibility and a means to maintain the traditions and product quality that define our industry here in the UK. Through our collaboration with farms, we strive to uplift the entire meat wholesalers UK supply chain and offer customers meat products that are truly exceptional in taste, texture, and ethical value.

Uncompromising Quality and Skilled Butchery

We recognise that quality is paramount. We work closely with regional, and local suppliers who share our commitment to excellence. By incorporating highly skilled butchery techniques and utilising materials from trusted sources, we ensure that our production processes align with the expectations of discerning customers.

Our customers value prime cuts of meat from breed-specific herds, which showcase our butchers’ expertise and technical quality. We take pride in partnering with specialist farmers who employ ethical farming techniques, promoting animal welfare and sustainable practices. By prioritising the knowledge and expertise of our butchers, we guarantee that our customers receive meat products of exceptional taste and tenderness.

Contact Us for Further Information 

Our dedicated customer service team is readily available if you require additional information or assistance. Feel free to reach out to us at 020 7383 3080, and we will be delighted to address any queries you may have regarding our products, supply chain, or commitment to transparency.

IMS of Smithfield understands and embraces the increasing demand for locally sourced meat as a meat wholesalers UK. We are proud to support the British meat industry, ensuring all our suppliers’ provenance, food miles, and animal husbandry practices are transparent and of the highest standard. With a focus on quality, skilled butchery, and the expertise of our partners, we provide customers with meat products that exceed expectations. Trust us for a diverse range of exceptional meats sourced responsibly and with a commitment to customer satisfaction.