London Restaurant Group meat supplier - IMS of Smithfield
IMS of Smithfield – Your London Restaurant Group meat supplier

IMS of Smithfield – Your London Restaurant Group meat supplier

With a passion for quality without compromising on the grassroots of our meat, IMS of Smithfield have an incredible range of quality meat for their wholesale clients. If you are looking for a new supplier to your London Restaurant Group, IMS of Smithfield are already supporting many big household catering names and would love to support you too. For more information about our wholesale services, just get in contact with our team today and let us be the quality meat supplier matched only by your exceptional guest service.

Quality meats for your private dining guests

Private dining – the opulence and beauty of inviting your guests into a private room where they can experience the luxury and finer food that you and your restaurant have to offer. As experienced butchers, we know how important it is that the food you serve in your restaurants is of the highest quality and leaves your guests happy and sated.

at IMS of Smithfield, we have worked hard over many years to perfect the choice of meat we offer to our clients and we are proud of the selection of quality meat we are able to supply. Our meat doesn’t differ from individual clients to quality wholesale supplies, so we provide consistently beautiful meats to every client we have the pleasure of meeting.

Extensive range of meats from your wholesale meat supplier

The catering industry is always looking for ways to increase their popularity and names, by offering delectable dishes from a range of products that keep their clients wanting more. Whether you are providing catering to a large event, or you are part of a London Restaurant Group known for your quality meat and customer service, it’s important that you continue with your high-quality experiences. IMS of Smithfield understand this and have always provided high levels of service to their wholesale clients to ensure we can continue to support you with your opulent dining.

When you choose to make IMS of Smithfield your wholesale meat supplier, you won’t just have access to the standard cuts of meat that are available everywhere. Our exotic meat selections including game charcuterie and a selection of pies and burgers mean you can provide a variety of meat products to your waiting guests. As an inclusive butcher, we also provide halal meat to ensure that all our clients are catered to and you can offer a more inclusive choice on your menu.

Outstanding service levels from IMS of Smithfield

IMS of Smithfield and Roberto Raggio have been providing quality meats to a variety of clients from individuals to teams in the hospitality industry since its humble beginnings in 1970. This was and still is a business built of quality and trust, as well as its reliability and service. With many of the biggest names in the catering industry becoming trusted clients, IMS of Smithfield’s expectations on quality continued to shine through and the business grew. In 2000, due to the huge customer retention rate, it was necessary to move to new premises to be able to incorporate all the facilities needed to support our growing customer base. Today, you will find us in Kings Cross, London.

Quality cuts of meat should always be readily available to our wholesale clients, to keep up with demand on their restaurant and to ensure they have new and exciting quality products ready to offer their guests. We believe that providing a quick and efficient delivery service within the meat industry is imperative to supporting our restaurants and helping them to stay as a market leader. The catering trade is fast-moving and in order to stay on pace with our client teams, we provide the finest quality produce in the most effective timescale.

The supplier of choice for many in the Hospitality Industry

We believe in providing incredible tasting, sustainable meat cuts without compromising on cost or the journey of how that meat came to be with us. Supporting our farmers and producers is very important to us and that’s why we offer farm trips to all our customers who would like to learn more about the grassroots of our industry. By knowing the full process of your meat journey, you, in turn, can sell this meat to your restaurant guests with confidence and knowledge – this also gives you an edge that your guests may not see anywhere else.

If you are looking to develop your chefs’ knowledge and understanding of meat in order to create new and exciting menus, you should speak to our team and learn more about our product development days. Organise for your team of chefs to visit our factory, where our development team will work alongside you to create and test meats that have been overlooked in the past. If you are looking to create a new range of innovative dishes to increase your guest list and build relationships – our product development days are perfect for your team.

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