IMS of Smithfield should be top of your meat wholesaler lis
Why IMS of Smithfield should be top of your meat wholesaler list in 2021

Why IMS of Smithfield should be top of your meat wholesaler list in 2021

Meta description: If you’re looking for your number one supplier in the meat wholesale industry, look no further than IMS of Smithfield for a great experience every time.

With hospitality finally being allowed to open once again to the world, restaurants, caterers and hotels are getting ready to host elaborate parties and functions for their clients. IMS of Smithfield are playing a big role in that as being one of the leading London wholesale meat suppliers to a range of hospitality venues and caterers to ensure their clients are always coming back for more.

Why wholesale is the best option for the hospitality industry

IMS of Smithfield have been supplying high quality fresh meats from around the UK since 1970. The company has grown over time with an increasing number of customers and now supply products across all sectors including food service, retail, catering, schools, hospitals and prisons. They also offer a wide variety of other services such as frozen foods, chilled foods, fish & seafood, bakery goods, confectionery, dairy products, fruit juices, sauces, snacks and much more.

The company’s main focus remains on providing excellent customer care, delivering exceptional value and offering fast delivery times. Their commitment to this ethos means they can provide you with everything you need at competitive prices. This includes sourcing the freshest ingredients available which will help keep your guests happy and satisfied throughout the event. All of these factors make them perfect for any type of function whether it be corporate or private.

IMS of Smithfield pride themselves on having great relationships with both farmers and suppliers so we can get the very highest quality produce delivered straight to your door. If you want to know why wholesale is the way forward then look no further than IMS of Smithfield!

IMS of Smithfield are not your average butcher

We work closely with our local farmers and producers ensuring we source the very best quality produce. Our team of highly trained staff ensures every product arrives in perfect condition and is stored prior to being purchased. When it comes to deliveries, we use refrigerated vans to transport our stock safely and quickly to wherever you require.

Our dedicated teams aim to deliver effectively and efficiently after receiving your order. You can rest assured knowing that when ordering through us, you receive exactly what you ordered and nothing else.

As well as being able to offer you some fantastic deals on bulk orders, we also offer specialised services to suit different needs. As experienced wholesalers with a great reputation, we aim to build relationships within the hospitality sector in and around London and will work with you to provide the best quality produce and great customer service every time. If you are looking to sample our produce before committing to making us your number one supplier, why not pay us a visit?

Quality meat suppliers in London

If you’re catering for a big party or event where you’ll be serving lots of people, there’s only one place you want to go – IMS of Smithfield. We’ve got the experience to handle large events such as fine dining experiences, corporate hospitality and Ramadan. With years of hard work under our belt, we understand how important it is to cater for everyone who attends your celebration whether they require halal, kosher or other religiously prepared meats. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure each guest gets something delicious to eat while enjoying the occasion.

When choosing IMS of Smithfield, you won’t find yourself stuck with just standard cuts of beef, lamb or pork. Instead, you’ll discover many varieties of chicken, turkey, duck, goose, rabbit, venison, and exotic game birds too. There’s plenty of choice, so whatever you fancy most, we guarantee you’ll find it here. No matter if you’re hosting a series of small gatherings or throwing a massive bash, we’ve got enough options to satisfy everybody.

Whether your client has chosen traditional roast dinners or modern gourmet dishes, we can accommodate your preferences. And because we don’t cut corners, you can expect to enjoy meals that taste amazing without breaking the bank.

IMS cater to a variety of businesses within the hospitality industry

IMS of Smithfield offer their services to a huge variety of businesses within the hospitality industry and are able to provide produce from 10 covers to huge custom made dining events. Restaurants, pubs, hotels, clubs, cafes, schools, hospitals and even wedding venues all work closely with IMS of Smithfield as they know the quality standard we provide. Whatever kind of business you run, you need an excellent supply chain partner who understands both food safety requirements and the importance of delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. At IMS, we have all this covered.

We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint and only providing meat from sustainably and locally sourced suppliers. This means that you will be able to trace all the meat we supply back to the farm in which it was reared.

With over 40 years’ worth of experience behind us, IMS of Smithfield know what works and what doesn’t. So whether you’re planning a private dinner for a selected group of clients or a lavish banquet for hundreds, we can help make sure everything goes smoothly. Get in touch with IMS of Smithfield today or pay a visit to our beautiful store in Kings Cross and make us your number one meat wholesaler today.

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