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A better breed of butchers


Southdowns are an excellent carcass breed and their meat is unequalled in tenderness and flavour. Southdown’s have won the carcass division at the Livestock.

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As a meat supplier, we produce our mature English Beef that consistently performs to today’s high standards. We achieved this standard through tried and trusted traditional butchery methods.

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Our Cherry Orchard pork comes from a dedicated group of farmers based predominately in Norfolk, Suffolk and Kent.

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IMS of Smithfield


Located in the traditional poultry-rearing region of East Anglia, all functions from the manufacture of feed to the processing of quality fresh poultry are totally controlled.

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We have relationships nationwide with major UK game producers and offer a full range of fresh game products when in season.

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Our turkeys are of UK origin and reared on farms within the county of Hertfordshire, The Burlton family have been rearing turkeys for over 40 years.

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IMS of Smithfield operate a fully accredited and segregated HALAL meat and poultry processing division.

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IMS - Product Development


We offer a wide range of meat and poultry specialist products. On our in-house manufacturing team can create bespoke burger and sausage ranges.

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IMS OF SMITHFIELD – Your Meat supplier

Over the last 40 years IMS of Smithfield has established itself as one of the UK’s leading Meat supplier, specialising in poultry, game and associated meat products for the catering Industry. We are a family run business that has instilled strong, yet ethical, commercial values across its business practices. As a result we have continued to expand our client base, exceeding supplier expectations on quality, service and price.

At IMS we understand the different requirements and challenges our diverse customer base brings, offering bespoke products and services to meet these important needs. Our dedication to service our clients demand is what sets us apart from the competition and guarantees reliability in a constantly evolving industry.

Here at IMS, we firmly believe that our ability to supply quality products at competitive prices, supported by our knowledgeable and proactive customer services team, is one of the cornerstones of our success.