Finding the best BBQ meat hampers for your 2022 event
Finding the best BBQ meat hampers for your event

Finding the best BBQ meat hampers for your event

Give your guests the perfect meats with a BBQ meat hamper

A British fete or event is a thing of beauty, and during the summer, you will find these events taking place across most towns and villages. When you come across a summer event like this, you will be hard pushed not to find an iconic bbq, serving the guests with succulent meats and giving a beautiful smoky bbq smell that we Brits associate with warm weather and parties. If you are planning a village fete or large town event this year, you will need to find a reputable meat supplier who can offer you the perfect bbq meat hamper to complement your event and ensure you have enough food to go around. IMS of Smithfield has been supplying bbq meat hampers to clients across the UK for many years, and we think we have the perfect tailor-made box you will need this year.

Choosing the best BBQ meat hamper for your event

People love to eat meat, especially at an event. It’s the one thing that everyone can get behind and enjoy eating. The best part is that it’s also effortless to cook, and it’s super easy to get your hands on great quality meat hampers from your local wholesale butcher. If you’re planning your next BBQ or event, you’re going to want to know how much meat you’re going to need. That way, you’ll learn how many meat hampers you’ll need from your local wholesale butcher.

If you have run events like this before, you will be fully aware that catering to every guest’s tastes and like is no mean feat. Ensuring you have enough on the menu to keep everyone happy can sometimes be a daunting process. We have put together the top favourite bbq meats, so you have some idea of how to start when planning your bbq menu.


No bbq is a success without the smell of beautiful sausages cooking on the open fire. Sausages are great for any bbq because of their versatility, and they make great meal choices for younger children. IMS of Smithfield offers a range of sausages to choose from to ensure you cater to various guests’ dietary requirements. Dress them up with sauce and a bun or keep them simple – sausages are always a winner.


You may not initially think of bacon as a bbq meat, but if you are planning on spicing up your burgers to offer a range of options, bacon is an excellent way of doing this. We can help you pick the perfect bacon for your burgers to ensure you get that crispiness every time.


Probably the most popular meat on the bbq every year is the burger. Our burgers don’t just come from our own special recipe, if you have found the perfect burger you want to sell at your event, let us know, and we can create the meat based on your requirements. Our gourmet beef burgers are made using muscle meat, and they are slightly seasoned before being weighed into a range of different sizes.


Chicken breast and wings are a great addition to any bbq as they offer something a little different from your usual meats. You can do so much with beautiful chicken wings – marinating them, creating the perfect sauce or simply leaving them to be effective on their own.

How much meat will you need for your event?

What’s the best way to estimate how much meat you will need for your event? The answer might be a little counter-intuitive. You might think that you can just estimate how many people will show up and multiply that by how many people are going to eat. The problem is that you don’t know how many people will eat. What if someone brings their own food? What if somebody doesn’t eat meat? What if someone just doesn’t like your food? What if that person brings a friend that likes your food? What if they bring two friends?

You can see how this can get complicated. You might be better off just estimating how much food people will eat and getting as much as possible. If you run out, you can always try to get more. However, if you run out of food and don’t get more, it will look like you didn’t prepare enough. A good idea would be to over-estimate, but not to over-order.

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IMS of Smithfield create beautiful BBQ meat hampers for you

Whether you’re planning for a special occasion or just want to treat your friends and family to a delicious meal, you’re going to need to source excellent quality meat for your event. With the help of IMS of Smithfield, you’ll be able to find the best BBQ meat hampers from your local wholesale butcher.

The hampers are designed to fit a variety of occasions, and they’re also perfect for providing your guests, friends and family with all the meat they will need at your large outdoor event. IMS of Smithfield offers a variety of hampers that you can choose from and if you need a bespoke box making, just let us know, and we can put this together for you. Get in contact with IMS of Smithfield today and order your bbq meat hampers before your big event.