A List Of Game Meats That Are Delicious In Summer Salads
A List Of Game Meats That Are Delicious In Summer Salads

A List Of Game Meats That Are Delicious In Summer Salads

In the heat of summer, there’s nothing better than a refreshing salad, made using fresh game meats. These dishes are the ideal light lunch before spending the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine and spending time with your loved ones.

Salads often get a bad reputation, because many diners think of drab, underdressed lettuce and limp garnish swamped in a sickly sweet dressing.

At IMS Of Smithfield, we understand that a good salad is a thing of beauty. It just takes effort and quality ingredients to create the perfect dish.

While many home cooks choose to use lean meats like turkey in their salads, we believe that game makes a delicious alternative.

Game animals have a refined, rich taste that pairs perfectly with refreshing leafy greens and zesty dressings. As such, it is ideal for a luscious salad that’s a little different to anything that you can buy in a shop.

There are many different types of game meat out there, so you can easily find the one for your salad. Here’s a list of the best game meats for salads. We’ll also share how you can create a delicious dish with them.

What Is Game Meat?

Many consumers are unsure of what game meat is, which is why we thought we’d offer you a brief definition of game meat. We’ll then share our top picks for game meats that you can turn into tasty salads.

Game meat comes from an animal that lives in the wild and gets hunted for sport. We offer a range of delicious game meats from some of the UK’s best in-season products.

Our range of game meat includes pheasant, wild duck, grouse, pigeon, partridge, rabbit, and hare. We also offer specialty products such as wild boar and ostrich. We only source the best game meat from some of the UK’s most discerning suppliers. These include mountains, game reserves, country estates, and more.

Many diners enjoy eating game meat because it has many health benefits, and many game animals are higher in protein and lower in fat than red meat.

If you’re ready to start planning your game salads for the summer, then carry on reading. You’ll find a list of the best game meats for sumptuous summer salads.


Hunters source game pigeon all year round. As such, it’s never out of season. In the winter, or on a balmy summer night, a roasted pigeon is a delicious and filling meal for all the family.

At lunchtime, when you’re enjoying the sun in the garden or taking a picnic to a beauty spot, pigeon is a perfect choice, as it tastes just as rich and delicious cold as it does warm.

Pigeon pairs well with sweet fruits like raspberries or pomegranate, as well as earthy flavours such as walnuts or beetroot, so you’ve got lots of options when putting together your salad.

Choose a light leaf as the base of your salad, so that it doesn’t make the salad too bulky for lunch. Watercress is a perfect, refreshing solution. That’s because it tastes fresh and light when combined with a tender pigeon in a sumptuous salad.

Wild Duck

Duck is a popular choice for salads. That’s because it works well hot or cold. You can also combine it with a wide range of different ingredients, so you’ll never get bored of it.

If you enjoy spicy food, then try making an Asian-style duck salad with a honey and soy sauce dressing. For a more traditional option, duck meat goes well with fresh British delicacies such as blackberries.

Crispy, fresh lettuce, kale, or spinach all pair well with duck, as the crunch creates a tempting contrast with the soft flesh of the bird.

Wild mallard season in the UK begins in October and continues into December. However, when you buy your duck meat from us, you can get the best products all year round. That’s because we offer a selection of frozen game. The meat is frozen quickly, so that it’s as delicious as fresh meat, but you don’t have to wait until October to enjoy a refreshing duck salad.


A hearty game bird, partridge meat is excellent for warming salads on darker summer nights or refreshing light bites on sunny days.

Partridge is terrific when warm, so you’ll get the best taste if you serve it in hot salads. That being said, you can also use leftovers to bulk out a cold dish.

These tasty game birds pair well with a range of vegetables. These include green beans, spinach, kale, and other hardy greens. As such, they’re perfect for using up leftover items and turning them into a delicious dish.

The Key To Any Game Salad: Top-Quality Game Meat

Game salad is a simple, delicious, and healthy way to dine during the summer months, but it requires the best meat on the market.

IMS Of Smithfield is one of London’s leading wholesale and consumer butchers and a purveyor of top quality meat. Therefore, when you think of game salad, you should think of us. We have an online shop, so you can have your meat delivered to your door. For anyone who wants to hand-select their game meat, we’ve also reopened our store in Cedar Way, London.

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible quality meat. We prepare all of our products to your exact specifications, so they’re ready to cook and enjoy.

As well as game, we also offer a range of other meats, including beef, lamb, chicken, pork and more. All of our animals live healthy, fulfilling lives. We slaughter them humanly and prepare them expertly so that you only get the best meat for your table.

If you’re interested in buying meat from us but aren’t sure what you need or want to learn more about our products, then contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss the provenance of our meat, the butchery options we can offer, and anything else that you might want to know.

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