wholesale poultry suppliers - Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes
Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

When it comes to chicken, we’re confident we know a thing or two about the world’s most popular type of poultry. As one of the leading and best wholesale poultry suppliers in London, we only source the best quality products from our farms.  Please check out our website for more details on the provenance of our meat and poultry.

As wholesale poultry suppliers, Our farms are located in the traditional poultry-rearing lands of East Anglia where the poultry production farms we use are totally unique in being the only integrated producer of British Farm Assured Chicken in the UK. 

What does this actually mean? Our suppliers control a sustainable and ethical chain from breeding, egg production, hatchery, farms through to processing.  We can guarantee the provenance and welfare of our chickens as we know that our farm’s chickens are produced in houses that have an enriched and natural environment.

Our website provides a lot of information about our meat and poultry products, our suppliers, provenance and accreditation.  Click here for more details.

Why is this information important? Well, we believe that whether you’re buying a simple chicken breast for your weekly shop, planning to cook a hearty roast chicken Sunday lunch with the family or you work in the hospitality industry and buy in bulk, the quality of the meat is paramount.

If you buy from Smithfield market meat suppliers on a regular basis, then quality and taste of the poultry is obviously top of your shopping list. But for those who don’t shop at Smithfields (yet!), we can only recommend heading down to your local London meat and poultry butcher.  Ask your butcher about the provenance of the meat / poultry before you buy. The cost may be slightly more expensive than your local supermarket but you won’t look back. Our mantra is always buy the best you can afford.

So now that we’ve told you a bit about us, here’s our top picks for quick and easy chicken meals. All the meals have come from BBC Good Food online and we’ve included a link to the recipe online. Enjoy!

Parmesan Spring Chicken

This super easy recipe* involves a few basic ingredients and is just what you need to celebrate the coming of Spring.  As this is a simple recipe, it is even more important to source the best quality chicken you can to ensure maximum taste.
*Source: BBC Good Food 

Italian Stuffed Chicken 

For the lovers of all things Mediterranean, then this is the perfect recipe*. Sun Dried tomatoes, garlic and herbs are the perfect accompaniment to chicken.  Wait for a sunny day, get cooking, uncover the garden furniture – what more do you need?
*Source: BBC Good Food

Mexican Chicken Burger

For burger lovers who like to spice things up a little, then this chicken burger recipe will give your taste buds a spicy treat. Chipotle paste, advocado, lemon and top quality chicken, our mouths are already watering! 
Source: BBC Good Food

If these recipes have inspired you to get cooking, then check out our website for details on how and where to purchase our poultry.

It’s no wonder that poultry is the meat of choice for so many, the versatility of chicken means you could enjoy a different chicken recipe every night for a year and still not get bored! 

What’s more, chicken is healthy.  Health-conscious mums and dads are constantly searching for quick, nutritious meals for the family.  Chicken is a popular choice for this very reason. Here’s just a few health benefits of the humble chicken:

  • High Source of protein and low in fat
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Full of Phosphorus which supports teeth and bones
  • Abundance of selenium, an essential mineral involved in metabolic performance
  • Rich in Niacin
  • Essential for Healthy Tissue growth
  • Promotes a healthy heart

wholesale poultry suppliers

At IMS of Smithfield, as wholesale poultry suppliers, our favourite breeds include the Ross Cobb and the Hubbard. If you’re interested in finding more about our breeds, please get in touch via our online form or call us on 020 7383 3080 and one of the team will be happy to have a chat with you. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above topic or would like further details on purchasing our products, feel free to get in touch