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Introducing Our Online Meat Shop

Introducing Our Online Meat Shop

As one of London’s leading wholesale meat suppliers online, we are very happy to announce the extension of this service to the public. In these difficult times where people are unable or hesitant to venture into their local supermarket or butcher’s shop, we have decided to open up the sale of meat online to the public. 

What’s more, this range of excellent quality meat will be available to customers at wholesale prices! 

All of our meat has been reared with the highest quality and animal welfare standards to ensure we only bring you fully traceable, ethical and sustainable produce that tastes excellent.

In this article, we share with you the full range of meat on offer and explain more about the breeds we carefully select. 

Provenance and Peace of Mind

More than ever before, customers are demanding more localised meat, meat that has travelled the smallest distance from gate to plate. Moreover, customers want the highest quality of meat, proof of highly skilled butchery and the opportunity to select the highest cuts of meat from breed-specific herds. 

Over 40 years, IMS has developed strong, lasting relationships with some of the best farmers in the UK. We feel a sense of responsibility to these British suppliers and will continue to support them as best we can.

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We offer a fantastic range of quality meat, for home delivery straight to your door. This quality wholesale meat selection is now available for the public to purchase online now. 

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ur range of quality, British matured beef comes from carefully selected, accredited and fully traceable UK farms where we have chosen our favourite breeds. These breeds include:

Charolais Gold, Hereford Red and Black Angus.

Charolais Gold  – one of the oldest beef breeds in the world, and exceptionally tender, full of flavour and incredibly lean.

Hereford Red – the Hereford breed is world-renowned for producing beef that has a unique tenderness, texture and flavour.

Black Angus – our Black Angus brand is a matured, select range of Aberdeen Angus beef which derives its unique taste from a natural grass diet.

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All of our chicken is British Farm Assured and sourced from the traditional poultry-rearing region of Norfolk in East Anglia. Favoured breeds include the Ross Cobb, and the Hubbard

Our chickens are reared in houses that have an enriched environment, producing quality, fresh poultry. 

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Our lamb is predominantly grass fed, renowned for its excellent quality and finest range of cuts. Favoured breeds include Welsh Hill lamb and Southdown Lamb.

As the name suggests, Welsh Hill lamb is sourced from the lush green pastures of the Welsh hills and valleys. Southdowns are an excellent breed and their meat is unequalled for tenderness and flavour.

To view the full range available online, click here.


Our Cherry Orchard pork comes from a select range of farmers based in Norfolk, Suffolk and Kent. Preferred breeds include Hampshire Sired Pork is regarded as a superior eating experience where the meat has a distinctive flavour and is full of tenderness and succulence.

Our Berkshire Sired free range pork comes from one particular free range farm in Suffolk It is a well-marbled, traditional meat which is often darker than other meats.

Shop our Pork range here.

Bacon, Ham, Sausages

Our Bacon, Ham and Sausages come from a premium range of British farms. You can shop our full range here.

Meat Boxes

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a fantastic range of meat hampers that include all your quality cuts. Our meat boxes are perfect for feeding the family, weekly meal preparation, parties and BBQs.

The range includes the Family Essential box, the Muscle Meat box, the Garden BBQ hamper and the Steak Meat Box.  

Wholesale Meat Suppliers Online Home Delivery Service

You can shop the full range here.

Wholesale Meat Suppliers Online Home Delivery Service

To provide the best possible customer service, we are delighted to offer delivery to London households within the M25 area.  What’s more, orders over £50 will receive FREE delivery. To check if we deliver to your area, please click here