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Why IMS Of Smithfield Is The Ideal Meat Supplier For Your Hospitality Business This Christmas

Why IMS Of Smithfield Is The Ideal Meat Supplier For Your Hospitality Business This Christmas

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. With the fallout set to last for many years to come, companies throughout the hospitality market need to focus on overcoming the challenges that 2020 has bought.

That means making sure that this Christmas is a fantastic celebration for all of your clients. By creating a festive spectacular, you’ll show clients and prospective guests that your business is resilient and ready to face whatever 2021 brings.

One of the most exciting elements of any festive celebration is the food, so you need to make sure that you find the best suppliers of quality ingredients, including meat.

As one of the top beef suppliers in the UK and a respected whole meat distributor, IMS of Smithfield understands the importance of quality meat for every dish and every menu.

To help hospitality businesses across the UK to find the perfect wholesale meat butcher in time for Christmas, we’ve put together this blog post. Whether you manage a restaurant or a hotel, a local pub, or a chain of multiple locations, we can advise you on how to find the perfect supplier of delicious meat products.

Choose A Meat Supplier With A Range Of Products

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a butcher is to find one that offers you an extensive selection of meat. Pork, beef, chicken and other staples are essential, but so too are other options to suit diners and bring them festive cheer.

As a renowned traditional meat supplier supporting businesses across the UK, we have put together a vast selection of quality products that will suit all establishments.

As well as a range of classic meats, such as lamb, pork, beef, and chicken, we also offer additional products to cater to more discerning and adventurous clientele.

We also offer a wide range of British game meats, so that you can buy seasonal staples that will entice diners to try something new or enjoy an old favourite.

Our team can also prepare you additional meat products for your establishment, including charcuterie meats, pies, sausages, and spectacular joints of gammon. Any of these delicious food items can be sent for delivery or collected so that you can choose the finest cuts.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without turkey, the staple of every great Christmas dinner. All of our poultry and red meat is high-quality, so when you buy your meat from us, you’re only getting the best. As such, you can ensure that every guest enjoys their meal when they celebrate at your establishment this festive season.

With all of these products available to order online, you can ensure that this Christmas is truly the best day of the year for your clients.

Check The Product Integrity Of Your Meat Suppliers

When choosing meat for your meals, there’s more to consider than cut. You also need to find a meat supplier that can provide you with a range of high-quality meat from the best animals.

That’s why you should always ask to find out more about the provenance of the meat from any butchers before you order for your hospitality business.

At IMS of Smithfield, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of top-quality meat to all of our wholesale clients. We have accreditation from the leading food quality standards agencies from across the UK, so you know that you will only receive the best products when you buy from us. Whether it’s beef or pork, pies or joints, we know the providence of every product we supply.

For true peace of mind, we keep detailed records of the provenance of every animal that becomes one of our meat products. So, whether you’re ordering beef steak or pork loins, we can tell you where your meat came from and how it was reared. From the moment the animal is born to the time it comes to us, we know all about it.

As such, you know that you’ll get the very best, richest flavour from all of the meat products in our extensive range. To ensure that every product we offer is of the highest possible quality, we undertake rigorous product testing of all of our meat.

Find A Butcher With The Skills To Prepare Your Meat Correctly

Buying meat isn’t just about buying the right cut, but also about ensuring your meat products arrive at your kitchen ready prepared, so all you need to do is make them into tasty meals for your diners to enjoy.

Some meat suppliers might expect you to prepare your meat. Preparing joints of meat, deboning poultry and removing skin from your meat can take time and skill that your team doesn’t have, meaning that your food preparation takes longer.

To save you time and ensure that all of our range of products is perfect, IMS of Smithfield will ensure that your meat is ready to cook before we send it out for delivery to your establishment.

Our team is skilled in the art of butchery, and they know how to prepare all of the meat in our range perfectly. So, your culinary team will receive food that’s ready to transform into delicious meals that diners will adore.

Contact Us Or Shop Online

If your hospitality business is preparing for the festive season, then you need to work with a reliable wholesale meat supplier.

There are many suppliers to choose from, but IMS of Smithfield has the selection and quality service you need to ensure that your hospitality business has a Merry And Bright Christmas.

Get in touch and our team will be happy to talk through our services and help you find the perfect meat products for your hospitality organisation. We can also arrange delivery of your order to a location that suits you.

As well as our wholesale shop, we’re also an online butchers. As such, you can use our online shop to find the meat you need and buy it quickly and easily. Our delivery service saves you time and ensures that you get the products you need, in time for Christmas.

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