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Quality London Catering Butchers: a Better Breed of Butcher

Quality London Catering Butchers: a Better Breed of Butcher

At IMS of Smithfield, we’re very proud to be Quality London Catering Butchers and of the top quality meat and poultry products provided from our state of the art facility in Kings Cross, London. Established in 1970 by Roberto Raggio, IMS of Smithfield was originally based in the famous Smithfield Market overlooking St Bartholomew’s Square. We very quickly outgrew the premises thanks to our ever-growing client list, particularly with London’s top caterers and hospitality venues. We recognised the need to expand in order to continue to provide the top level service that our clients had come to expect.

Hence in 1988, we moved to a 7500 square feet cutting facility which allowed us to continue to provide high quality products and levels of service. In 2000, we re-modernised and increased the capacity to 15,200 square feet .

We continuously strive to supply quality meat and poultry products and are committed to giving 100% customer service to ALL our customers, big and small. We are very careful to ensure that our products are sold at competitive prices and remain available to all clients.

Our team is totally committed to searching for the best possible suppliers in terms of provenance and quality of the meat. We understand that customers are concerned about where their meat comes from and how it is butchered. We strongly believe in supporting our British farmers and over the last 40 years, we have developed strong relationships with some of the most prestigious farmers in the country.

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The award-winning Southdown Lamb is unequalled for its tenderness and flavour. All our suppliers work to the highest possible animal welfare standards and our meat can be traced right back to the original farms. All of our meat is accredited with the Red Tractor and Organic certifications. 

The lamb products are sold online and can be bought as individual cuts or as part of a hamper. Check out our online shop for the full range. 


With Red Tractor and Organic accreditations, our top quality beef consistently performs to today’s high standards. The beef carcass is individually selected by weight and grade according to each customer’s requirements.

Preferred breeds include Charolais Gold, Hereford Red and Black Angus. 

Did you know that Charolais beef is one of the oldest beef breeds in the world?  Our Charolais Gold brand is a matured, select range of Charolais beef, guaranteed to give exceptional flavour and a high quality eating experience. 

The Hereford breed provides a unique marbling look due to the herd being able to roam freely on lush, green pastures. This method of farming gives the meat a superior taste and is widely sought after. 

Aberdeen Angus is renowned throughout the world for its unique taste due to the natural grass diet enjoyed by the herds. Our cuts of meat are hand selected by our experienced butchers according to the requirements of each customer.


With the numerous health benefits provided by eating quality poultry, it’s easy to see why chicken is so loved by people all over the world. The abundance of chicken products in our local shops and supermarkets is testament to this however, the quality and provenance of some of these food products can be extremely questionable. 

At IMS of Smithfield we can guarantee the quality, provenance and welfare of all our chicken products.

Our preferred breeds come from the traditional poultry-rearing lands of East Anglia and include the Ross Cobb and the Hubbard.  All poultry is available to purchase with the following accreditations: Red Tractor, Organic, Free Range and Freedom Food. 


Our Cherry Orchard pork comes from a dedicated group of farmers based in Norfolk, Suffolk and Kent.  Our farms are registered with the Assured British Pigs and Freedom Food Scheme. 

We produce two different lines of free range pigs: Hampshire Sired Free Range Pork and Berkshire Sired Free Range Pork.

Our Hampshire Sired Free Range pork is produced from a limited number of free range farms and is renowned for its superior taste. Our Berkshire Sired Free Range Pork is actually produced from one specialist free range farm based in Berkshire. It is world-renowned for its distinctive flavour.

Quality London Catering Butchers – And There’s More …

If you love to follow the seasons when it comes to your food, then our selection of quality game products should appeal. 

Game is a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional choice of red meats. We can offer the following select range of seasonal game products: Grouse, Pheasant, Venison, Wild Duck, Pigeon and Partridge. 

Did you know that you can only buy Grouse when it is season from 12 August through to 10 December? For further information on what is available and when, please see the Game page on our website.

Not only do we believe we are one of the best Quality London Catering Butchers, but our family run business is committed to providing the best possible service to individual customers who want to purchase their meat online. We are excited to now offer an online shop and home delivery service to households within the M25 area. As well as offering individual meat cuts, we have a good selection of meat hampers such as the Summer Protein box and the Family BBQ hamper. 

Simply place your orders online or email  your order to: sales@imsofsmithfield.com.  

If you would like to know more about our products, want to place an order or have an enquiry about an existing order, please feel free to email us: sales@imsofsmithfield.com or call 020 7383 3080.