London halal food festival 2022: what you need to know
London halal food festival 2022: what you need to know

London halal food festival 2022: what you need to know

What do you need to know about London Halal food?

The Arabic word “halal “(ḥalāʾ) literally translates into “p”. In Islam, it refers to foods and goods that are permitted to be consumed. This includes meat slaughtered following Islamic rituals and animal parts used in religious ceremonies. The term “halal” does not refer to the food’s quality but the way it is prepared.

In addition to being permissible, halal requirements include how the meat is processed. These include the type of slaughtering techniques, the use of certain ingredients, and the presence of additives. Food producers must ensure that the products they sell comply with the laws governing halal production. They must also label their products with the halal logo.

The upcoming London Halal Food Festival will be a fantastic food and culture festival. Halal means permissible in Islam, but when it comes to food, it’s all about the food. Halal food is food that has been prepared according to Islamic dietary guidelines. The London Halal Food Festival will be an event highlighting cuisine from all over the world. The festival will feature both local and international chefs, who will prepare everything from halal burgers to halal kebabs. It will be a fun day to try new flavours, meet new people, and learn more about the halal food industry.

London Halal food festival – the biggest halal festival in the world

With halal food growing in popularity throughout the UK, halal food festivals are becoming a trending topic, and there isn’t currently one in the world that can top the London Halal food festival. Set across two days, the 24th and 25th of September at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 2022, will be host to the 7th annual London halal food festival the UK has seen.

It is set to be an action-packed two-day experience with over 100 food stalls featuring halal cuisine from across the globe, an indulgent dessert zone and an array of shopping stalls including fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle.

The London Halal food festival is great for family and friends, so alongside the shopping and food stalls, you can expect to see music, rides, workshops and arts and crafts for the children. Food competitions will include chilli challenges and halal eat-offs. Finally, a selection of celebrity chefs will be on show at the cookery theatre, whipping up beautiful London Halal food treats.

To get hold of your London Halal Food Festival tickets, visit their website here and choose from one-day entry or weekend saver and VIP passes!

What are the criteria for halal food certification?

As the definition of “halal” doesn’t have a legal basis, the food preparation requirements’ compliance is inconsistent. There are, however, some basic principles that halal food suppliers must follow:

  • The process of slaughtering the animal must follow the Quran rules
  • Pork meat is forbidden at any step of the preparation process of halal food
  • In many cases, the use of alcohol, even as a cleaning agent, can be challenging

Depending on who you talk to, there can be a lot of debate surrounding what does and does not make a product halal. Because no governing body standardises the definition of halal, manufacturers have a lot of room to decide for themselves what qualifies. This can be anything from the food that meets specific criteria to how it is prepared and packaged. As a result, you’ll find a lot of different halal certifications and labels out there.

There are several recognised halal certification centres across the world, including:

  • HQC – Halal Quality Control
  • World Halal Union
  • Halal International Consultancy

Halal certification is usually presented after a thorough inspection and audit of your site and processes. During the audit, samples may be sent for testing to ensure the absence of pork, and documents may be requested to check the cleaning products. Once you have passed your inspection and audit, you will receive your halal certification, which is generally valid for one year following the review. To renew your certificate, you must repeat the audit and inspection.

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IMS of Smithfield offers London Halal food

Halal food is popular in Muslim countries, but London has become a hub for halal food in the UK. The London Halal Food Festival is a food festival that celebrates halal food, which is food that is permissible according to Islamic law. Halal food is food that is certified by a Muslim organisation, and it is also food that is prepared in a certain way.

There are strict rules around what can and cannot be consumed by observant Muslims, and a religious authority usually provides the guidelines. These guidelines have to do with the slaughtering of animals, the washing of the meat, and how food is prepared. Halal food is typically prepared without pork, alcohol, or other products that are not allowed in Islam.

IMS of Smithfield, based in the heart of London, is your local halal accredited butcher and meat supplier. Recognised as one of the UK’s most reputable and credible halal meat suppliers, we firmly believe in operating to high standards to support our ever-growing halal customer base. If you are looking for a halal accredited meat supplier for your catering team, restaurant or hotel, get in touch with IMS of Smithfield today and find out what we can do to support your halal menu.