Train your catering team with the London Butchery Academy
Train your catering team with the London Butchery Academy

Train your catering team with the London Butchery Academy

What is the London Butchery Academy?

For over a decade, the London Butchery Academy at IMS of Smithfield has trained hundreds of chefs and catering teams throughout the UK to develop their meat preparation skills. Our specialised courses are created for those within the food industry, from entry to chef level, who all have a passion for creating beautiful meals and learning more about their trade and how to get the best from it. A London Butchery Academy course will give an attendee everything they need to know about the fascinating world of butchery and how to treat the meat they are working with.

No matter the workshop you decide is best for you, you will surely come away with invaluable experience and knowledge in butchery. Choose from entry-level butchery to nose-to-tail product development and immerse yourself in the world of meat. IMS of Smithfield are renowned for its expertise within the meat industry, and learning the butchery trade by their side will give you access to a wide variety of skills and understanding.

What can you expect to learn whilst training?

No matter what workshop you attend at the London Butchery Academy, you will come away with various experiences and new techniques. Whether you want to learn about carcass optimisation, muscle formation or basic knife handling, you are sure to get what you booked for and more! Our acclaimed butchery academy offers one-day courses to get you in line with the basic skills you need to become a chef or butcher, plus a more in-depth understanding of continuing in your chosen chef career and handling meat like a master craftsman.

Our courses are designed to be bespoke to the attendees, and that’s why you will never see more than 8-10 people at a workshop at any time. By keeping our classes more intimate, we can offer you the personalised one-to-one training you need to succeed. If you are keen to learn more about what you can do with your meat products, whether you want to refresh your catering menu or open a unique restaurant, our product development courses give you all the information and innovation you need to concoct truly unique dishes using every part of the animal, reducing on waste and expertly playing on taste buds.

The advantages of training with the London Butchery Academy

Now you have a better understanding of the workshops the London Butchery Academy provides, let’s take a look at the benefits of training with us:

Train with experienced and accredited butchers

Our butchery team has a wealth of experience and knowledge between them, meaning there isn’t a question they cannot answer or a meat they do not know how to work with expertly!

Learn in an intimate environment for the best support

Our courses are designed to be small, so you can ensure you get the most from your one-day workshop and spend time with our butchers to understand your course.

Choose from an array of courses best suited to you

We have many different course options available, so decide on the best one for you and learn everything to know.

Understand all about the products and meats you are working with

From product development to understanding your meat from nose to tail, we give you all the tools and experience you need to work with meat outside the classroom confidently.

Further your career or passion for the food industry

Most importantly, once you have completed our workshop, you will be in a much better position to further your career with confidence and knowledge.

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IMS of Smithfield is the London Butchery Academy you need for your team

IMS of Smithfield, specialising in the butchery industry, offers London Butchery Academy courses that are a cut above the competition. The London Butchery Academy courses are all one-day courses taught by expert butchers who show you how to work with steaks, joints and other meats properly. The London Butchery Academy is a perfect example of how IMS of Smithfield can help you train your catering team to the highest possible standard.

The London Butchery Academy is a professional training facility for the food industry, working with the best butchers in the area to offer training workshops for businesses and individuals. This is a fantastic opportunity for any catering teams that want to improve their standard of meat cutting but don’t have the time or resources to take an entire course. Taking a class at the London Butchery Academy is also a great way to learn sustainable practices, understand cuts of meat and improve your chef skills. If you are interested in learning more about our workshops or booking a course today, please contact our customer service desk at 020 7383 3080 or email