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Top Catering Management Software for Servicing Schools, Factories and Local Authorities

Top Catering Management Software for Servicing Schools, Factories and Local Authorities

Catering management is a complicated matter, particularly when you are working within strict parameters. Those who cater on a larger scale, for example in educational, industrial or local authority settings, understand the range of processes required for top quality provision. Catering management software provides a range of tools that facilitate a smooth relationship between food service, customer relations and back office operations. Food and catering management systems can improve the efficiency of a number of key processes, including inventory control, cost management and recipe management. For those looking for catering software, we have some top ideas to try.

Catering Management Software

Nutritics Insight

Nutritics Insight is just one small element of the Nutritics offering. It is aimed directly at those seeking catering software that will provide a detailed and comprehensive menu management system. If you are looking to reduce waste, manage allergen compliance, accurately present nutrition and calorie menu elements, and calculate portion costs, this is the package for you. With a food database of over 125,000 foods and the option to import databases from your key suppliers, Nutritics offers the potential to stand out with state-of-the-art allergen and nutrition compliance as well as menus created to exactly suit your level of provision and customer base.

When I Work

When it comes to complicated shift patterns and tricky employee communication, few could argue that the food industry is easy to manage. There is clear requirement for a catering software package that will simplify processes and save hours of precious management time currently spent on rosters, shift patterns and attendance. When I Work has just about got this nailed, with the ability, not only to build schedules that fulfil both requirements and employee requests, but also to effectively communicate shift reminders, reduce non-attendance and improve accountability. With smartphone time clocks, mobile scheduling and payroll compatibility, this package will not only save you time, it might just help you to build great employees.


Point of Sale requirements for those servicing industry, education and local authorities can be intricate and often require dedicated approaches. WisePay specialise in this type of organisation and their software can deal with a range of different pay environments including, cashless, pre-ordering and free school meals. This catering management software gets straight to the nitty-gritty of the specific requirements of a range of catering establishments. For example their free school meals management system allows for the promotion of special menus, and synchronisation with FSM management databases.

Inkling Collaboration

Maintaining timely and accurate communication with a remote or deskless workforce can be difficult. As a result of this, opportunities for information gathering, resource sharing and employee collaboration can be lost. Inkling Collaboration is a management software that meets the needs of large organisation catering managers. It allows communications and task instructions to be sent directly to mobile devices and allows for the building of remote but effective teams, in order to produce smarter and faster problem solutions. With group messaging, issue resolution and completion tracking built in, this is an app that has the potential to bring a previously divergent workforce together.


FoodStorm isn?t the only food and catering management system to provide key reporting but its ability to create custom-built reports, structured to match your specific needs, does help it to stand out from the crowd. FoodStorm?s analytics are intensely flexible and can deal with detail at a high level, for example, kitchen areas, product performance and top-spending customers. On top of this, FoodStorm allows for report scheduling so that report data can be sent via email, directly to the kitchen or as required to accounting departments.

Dietary Manager

If your catering provision includes diet and nutrition management responsibilities, Dietary Manager might just be the food and catering management system you have been waiting for. With the facility to take you from menu planning right through to individual resident or patient data, this is a powerful tool for anyone working in a long-term care or hospital systems. With a user-friendly interface and web-enabled software, this package slips well into existing food service systems and can provide dietitians with key nutrition information including calorie counts, menu nutrition and recipe information.


A satisfactory HACCP system requires food suppliers to ensure that all would-be hazards are controlled at critical control points, and extensively analysed, monitored and recorded. This necessary but time-consuming process can be simplified via the catering management software HACCP Now, which provides a wealth of relevant, effective and timesaving options for those with HACCP responsibility. These options facilitate linking food safety tools to related compliance documentation, taking effective team-managed actions, and managing supplier certification and audits. HACCP can also be used to help train staff and issue relevant certificates.

Food and catering management systems can save vital time and money, and are now available in abundance. In order to select the most applicable catering software for your food business, it is important to make sure you first have a clear understanding of your needs. Top important tips include considering a cloud-based solution for your desk-free workforce and opting for flexible or custom-designed reporting to suit your specific needs.

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