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Ultimate list of the biggest restaurant menu complaints given by customers

Ultimate list of the biggest restaurant menu complaints given by customers

Today we?re looking at the biggest gripes made by customers regarding restaurant menus. If you see anything you recognise, then you?ll know you?re getting something wrong and you need to change it. There?s nothing wrong with making mistakes, but by rectifying them you can improve your business and have a better relationship with your clientele.

No menu on the outside

One of the biggest gripes for customers is that there?s no menu outside the restaurant for them to inspect. Although you may not be aware of this, it is a legal requirement in many countries in Europe. It?s important your potential customers have a good idea of what you?re serving in case there?s anything they?re allergic too, or if you specialise in something they don?t like.

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For instance, if you specialise in mostly seafood and this isn?t obvious from the outside with there being no visible menu, then someone who?s allergic to it may not realise this untill they?re inside, and this could be cause for embarrassment.

Over the top descriptions

In other words, convoluted sentences which describe food in such a technological and pretentious manner that the customer really has no idea of what he?s getting.

It may sound good in your head, but to the customer it just sounds like Double Dutch. You should be clear about what?s in your dishes in case any of any allergies as mentioned or dislikes, but also so the diners know what they?re getting.

Don?t give them a list of meal choices that?s full of convoluted jargon. It?s inspires confusion rather than confidence.

Your menu needs to be short and sweet

Don?t create menus long enough to form a novel. Have a menu that?s clear, concise, with a short number of meals on offer without giving your customers too much choice. You can only cook so much in one day anyway, and you can only serve so many meals to the highest standard if you want the quality to be consistent.

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Complicated menus

This is similar to over the top menu descriptions but with food that looks like it came from the scientific kitchens of Heston Blumenthal. It may work for him, but it may not work for you. They have their way, you have yours, and you should have your own style and your own way of cooking.


Make sure you read through your menu and then ask someone else to proofread it also. There?s nothing worse than grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, it makes your establishment look very unprofessional.

So there you have it, a simple straightforward menu that describes in full what?s on offer, avoiding the convoluted language that?s enough to put someone off. This combined with a restaurant menu placed outside which can be seen by potential diners so they can see what?s on offer should provide positive results and benefit your business in the long-run.

Customers are your bread and butter so it pays to keep them happy. If you need quality meat for your menus, then consider our competitive pricing on a full range of meats here at IMS of Smithfield, you won?t find better.