A London wholesale butchers 2022 year in review
A London wholesale butchers 2022 year in review

A London wholesale butchers 2022 year in review

Training your catering team with your London wholesale butchers

For over a decade, the London Butchery Academy at IMS of Smithfield has trained hundreds of chefs and catering teams throughout the UK to develop their meat preparation skills. Our specialised courses are created for those within the food industry, from entry to chef level, who all have a passion for creating beautiful meals and learning more about their trade and how to get the best from it. A London Butchery Academy course will give an attendee everything they need to know about the fascinating world of butchery and how to treat the meat they are working with.

The benefits of our London Butchery Academy

  • Train with experienced and accredited butchers
  • Learn in an intimate environment for the best support
  • Choose from an array of courses best suited to you
  • Understand all about the products and meat you are working with
  • Further your career or passion for the food industry

Our courses are designed to be bespoke to the attendees, and that’s why you will never see more than 8-10 people at a workshop at any time. By keeping our classes more intimate, we can offer you the personalised one-to-one training you need to succeed. If you are keen to learn more about what you can do with your meat products, whether you want to refresh your catering menu or open a unique restaurant, our product development courses give you all the information and innovation you need to concoct truly unique dishes using every part of the animal, reducing on waste and expertly playing on taste buds.

Choosing a London wholesale team for your meat delivery

Since 1970, IMS of Smithfield has been working hard to provide only the best meats for domestic and commercial customers throughout London and beyond. Starting from our humble beginnings at the Smithfield Market site, we built our reputation as being a reliable butcher all year round – not just at Christmas! Working with some of the largest London Restaurant Groups and hotel chains, we had to scale up our store due to an increase in customer demand. You will now find us in Kings Cross in a 15,200 sqft, high-grade facility.

As a London wholesale butcher, IMS of Smithfield is perfectly placed to be your butcher of choice. Take a look at some of our most popular meat options for your restaurant menu options:

Chicken – For some, turkey is just a bit too dry, and when that is the case, often the next option is to choose chicken. We would always recommend having chicken on your menu.

Ham – Us brits love gammon ham; however, it’s served. Get really creative with your meat and add spices and jams, or leave it completely untouched and just cooked to perfection.

Beef – Always a popular option throughout the year, beef offers your guests something a little different.

Vegetarian option – You cannot have a menu without having some vegetarian options included. Many restaurants opt for nut roast or mushroom wellington as tasty options.

The main thing to consider when planning your restaurant menu is to offer your guests a variety of choices, so they don’t feel like they have the same thing every time – particularly if this isn’t their only outing! Be sure to cater for those with food intolerances and allergies so that all feel welcome. When you choose IMS of Smithfield as your London wholesale butcher, we will be sure to inform you of anything you need to be aware of with our meats and accompaniments.

The science behind why a London wholesale team hangs your meat

Hung, dry-aged or matured – you may have heard several terms to describe how old your meat is and how it has been handled between the farm and your fridge. Ageing describes the period between slaughter and butchery. During this time, the meat is tenderised and slightly dried out to reduce the water content.

The process of ageing or maturing meat is done by hanging the carcass from a hook in a temperature-controlled room with good airflow. Here at IMS of Smithfield, we have a walk-in ageing room which functions as a big fridge with a powerful fan. The enzymes in the meat make the fibres of the muscles softer and more elastic during the hanging process, resulting in the meat becoming tender. Hanging meat makes it lose its moisture which is much better when it comes to cooking the meat. If your meat is carrying too much water, this will either end up on your chopping board or in your pan as its being cooked.

Game Meat – According to the Countryside Alliance, your game bird should be hung for between 5-7 days at around 5 degrees for the best results. This, however, is a personal choice depending on when you prefer to cook your game bird.

Poultry – It’s important to note that you should never hang your chicken for ageing. Hanging chicken could actually lead to bacteria and bugs growing in your product.

Pork – To get the best from this meat, you will have to pay close attention to what you are hanging. For pork loins, the flavour will increase over 7 days and will peak at around 9 days.

Beef – Many British butchers are proud of the quality of beef in their shops. With a minimum hang of 9-14 days is recommended, many butchers will aim for 21-28 days of aged beef, and some specialist producers will look to hang their beef products for the full 5 weeks to get the best flavour and tenderness.

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Merry Christmas from the team at IMS of Smithfield

Whilst this year has been a challenge for many of us, IMS of Smithfield has enjoyed working with their clients to continue to provide only the best quality meats for catering teams, restaurants and venues alike. Our butchery academy and product development team continue to work hard to bring you new and exciting products in 2023. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!