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Top British Food & Drink Awareness Days

Top British Food & Drink Awareness Days

As London butchers and lovers of all things ‘food & drink’ we’re constantly on the look-out for the best of British when it comes to awareness days.  Here’s our research on the upcoming awareness days for 2020 – get involved, have fun and celebrate your love of the British foodie culture.

Brew Monday: 20 January

On 20 January 2020 join the thousands of people who will be getting together to brew a cuppa, have a chat and beat the winter blues. The dark, cold days of winter can heighten feelings of loneliness for many people.  Research has shown that it is the younger age group 16-24 year olds who feel alone more than any other age group. Join in on Brew Monday, reach out to those who may be feeling lonely and make a brew together. 

British Pie Week: 2 March

Now this is what we’ve been waiting for – British Pie Week! Who doesn’t love a good pie? Especially when a warm and hearty savoury pie brimming with quality British steak or game. The British love of pie goes back a long way – in fact to Roman times.  

As a nation of pie lovers, this is a fantastic awareness day the whole family can enjoy. Choose your favourite filling whether it’s sweet or savoury, puff pastry or shortcrust, and get baking!

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British Tomato Week: 20 May

Tomatoes contain vitamins, minerals and natural flavenoids which means a natural and healthy snack for you and the family. Did you know that four out of five tomatoes eaten are in the UK are from abroad? Not great news for the British tomato farmer. Due to our climate, British tomatoes are grown in greenhouses which means less pests and less pesticides resulting in healthier, tastier tomatoes.

Let’s all get behind the British tomato farmer – whether it’s a healthy nourishing tomato soup or a tasty side with your steak – let’s feel the love for tomatoes.

English Wine Week: 25 May

When you think about wine, English wine isn’t the first thought that comes into your head however did you know that winemaking in England can be traced to Roman times? Today there are over 500 vineyards covering England and Wales? English sparkling wine has become highly successful particularly in southern England where the limestone soil and climate is very similar to that of northern France. 

Notable wine-making regions in England are Sussex, where the south facing limestone soils are comparable to the Champagne region, also Kent, and Surrey.
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Bacchus are grape varieties popular with UK wine-makers. Find out more about UK wines and the various vineyards on the Wines of Great Britain website.

National BBQ Week: 27 May

Another popular pastime with the British come rain or shine! From 27 May to 2nd June, pubs, restaurants, cafes and homes will be celebrating British BBQ Week.   The choice is endless when it comes to your BBQ menu – a succulent T-bone steak, BBQ chicken thighs or tender lamb kebabs. Pop to your local butcher, buy the best quality meat you can afford, then get cooking! 

The Big Lunch: 1st June

Every year, Big Lunchers put out the bunting, make up the trestle tables and get together for a laugh, a chat and a delicious lunch. Whether it’s cucumber sandwiches and scones, or a one pot chilli con carne, get your neighbours and/or friends together, prepare some delicious food, and organise a fun lunch come rain or shine.

If you’re a fan of social media, share your story on social with the #TheBigLunch.

National Fish & Chip Day: 7th June

What more is there to say! One of the nation’s favourite meals has its own special celebration day on 7th June. Get down to your favourite local fish and chip shop and celebrate the magnificence of the fish and chip supper.

National Beer Day: 15th June 

Beer Day is an annual celebration for all beer lovers, celebrating traditional craft ales, mainstream lagers and limited edition beers. June 15th is significant because that is also the date the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. The great Charter mentions ale in Article 35.

‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn…..’

Let’s celebrate the amazing array of beers in this country and the fabulousness of our British beer makers. 

London Butchers – All There is for now!

You may have noticed that we’ve only covered half the year! We’re doing our research on the top foodie awareness days for the second half of 2020 as London butchers – watch this space.