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The Secret Benefits Of Beef

The Secret Benefits Of Beef

For years, many people have been thinking about beef in all the wrong ways. The benefits and attributes of fish and chicken have been lauded for years on end, while red meat, such as beef, is seen as being entirely detrimental to one?s overall health. These negative aspects of red meat are often exaggerated, misinformed, or just plain wrong.

Beef offers a great amount of protein and holds vital vitamins that are attributed to some of the most important aspects of the body. Beef has both saturated and monounsaturated fat, which actually protects the heart from diseases. Carnitine, also found in red meat, is needed for a balanced and stable functioning of the heart.

Beef and lamb fat are rich in linoleic and palmitoleic acids, which have strong anticancer properties and fight viruses along with other pathogens. There is in fact no solid indication to support the claim that saturated fat found in meat is actually dangerous to ingest. There is, however, science to confirm the following in regards to beef:

First of all, beef is a great source of protein, strengthening the body and enabling quick recoveries. Secondly, and most importantly, beef contains numerous B vitamins that act as the oil for the gears of all of our bodily functions, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. B vitamins are constantly working in the background to ensure that the body is performing at an optimal level. However, despite what evidence proves such health benefits to be true, many still hold on to outdated ideas about the dangers of beef, so let?s get to the facts:

Great Source of Protein

Beef, being one of the most nutritious foods, has high-quality protein, which satisfies the appetite as well the body. It is a quality source of iron, which supports the body by assisting in the act of carrying oxygen to all the muscles in the body, preventing fatigue in the process.

Beef offers high-quality protein in addition to essential amino acids, which build up muscle tissue, attributing to the growth of muscles and bone.

The Power of B Vitamins

Our mental and physical gears run smoother on account of the abundance of B vitamins found in beef. These vitamins are responsible for helping the body as a whole operate to the best of its ability. Although they are generally recognized as a group and regularly work as one in the body, each B vitamin is responsible for a unique and essential task within the body.

Creates Natural Energy

A great deal of these B vitamins attributes energy conservation and production in one way or another, the majority of which can be found in beef. Together, these vitamins help us release energy from food. In addition, vitamin B12 can only be harvested from animal meat, which is abundant in beef.
Vitamin B12 plays a vital part in the pathways of the body that produce energy. It is also necessary for DNA synthesis, proper development of red blood cells, and a healthy nervous system function. Not to mention, it is also necessary to produce energy.

Aids Natural Growth

Studies show that, had the first humans not eaten red meats, the mind of humans would be 25 percent of its present size. One of the reasons behind the fast progress of our brain capacity and intelligence is because of our natural adaptation to red meat, along with the vital protein and fats it delivers.

The B vitamin Riboflavin is a simple building block that lends itself to natural growth. Not only is it needed to produce high energy levels.

Beef is a wonderful source of important minerals, such as zinc, which is needed for a strong immune system and wound healing. It also contains efficient amounts of magnesium and iron. In beef, these minerals survive in a way that allows the body to easily absorb them in comparison to the minerals contained in pulses and grains.

Complete Support

Each B vitamin is different, however, they all work as one unit

Niacin aids more than 200 chemical processes in the body including energy production and fatty acid synthesis. It also plays a large role in cardiovascular health.

Vitamin B6 is a vital component in ensuring that numerous bodily functions are always functioning in optimal condition.

And there you have it. Beef has always been a natural resource of nutrients and vitamins. Many health-conscious people amongst us consider beef to be a guilty pleasure, high in saturated fat and not entirely good for our health. However beef, in moderation, is not nearly as bad as people make it seem. For a balanced diet, beef, along with other foods rich in protein, is important to have in every meal.

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