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Catering Tips for Weddings

Catering Tips for Weddings

One of the things your guests will remember after your wedding is the catering. No matter whether the food was good or bad, it’s something they will take with them to the next wedding, and the next, and the next. So, why not make sure it’s great? Smithfield’s Butchers are here to give you a few catering tips for weddings!

Budgeting – How Much Should I Consider?

Well, unfortunately, there is no exact amount, as it depends on a plethora of different factors. Should you be lucky and have a caterer that comes with your venue, you may be getting a discounted price already. However, if you are like many others who have to look for external caterers, having a rough overall budget, or a cost per head, is a great start.

One of the things to think about when deciding on a budget is the number of guests you have and their dietary requirements. Nowadays, caterers can cater for many dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, pescatarian and meat-eaters. If meat is on the menu, ensuring the caterers have the highest quality meat is paramount.

Another aspect to consider when budgeting for your catering is the service provided. As with a lot of caterers, you may be charged extra for waiters, cutlery, glasses and plates. Although this may seem to be part of the catering charge, it’s always best to double check to avoid being surprised with a larger cost than you thought.

With all this in mind, be sure to do your research before approaching caterers. Many of them will ask how many people you will want to cater for, so be sure to have a rough figure in mind – even if you haven’t sent out invites yet. Many caterers will put their ‘price-per-head’ cost on their website, so be sure to check there too!

Catering Tips for Weddings – Saving Money

Having an overall wedding budget is the best way to make sure you aren’t spending more than you’d like on your big day. While many aspects of a wedding can be expensive, paying for your catering shouldn’t be putting you out of pocket. As mentioned before, some caterers come with your venue hire, meaning the charge for them may be included.

For those that do not come with the venue, the cost for food and other offers may be higher than expected. Don’t let this worry you! One reason why caterers may charge more or less is because of the quality of food they service to your guests. The better the quality of meat you are served, the better the value for money!

When trying to save money for your wedding caterers, consider asking them for seasonal vegetables and meats. These tend to cost less to source and supply than produce that is out of season. As well as this, consider choosing from their extensive menu, rather than asking for bespoke dishes and meats.

Types of Wedding Catering

Much like wedding décor, wedding catering can come in many different styles and types, so finding the right one for you can be daunting. Whether you are having an Indian, Muslim or English wedding, making sure you have the catering you want, and tying it in with your theme is crucial.

As well as the types of food being served, there are also two main types of service offered to those looking for wedding catering. These are buffet and silver service, otherwise known as table service. Choosing the right one for your event is highly important as you could save money and give your guests the experience they want.

Opting for buffet is perfect if you are having a light breakfast or lunch as part of your wedding. It gives those attending the freedom of choice and can also save you money. However, if you are having a traditional wedding reception, choosing the table service option is perfect – although it does come at a slightly increased cost.

Keeping Your Guests Well-Fed

Gone are the days of having a smaller, more intimate wedding, according to some. Nowadays, as well as the ceremony, the meal is the next thing your guests will remember. Serve them an incredibly lavish meal and they won’t stop talking about it for years. However, if you serve them a fast-food dinner, you may be getting a few complaints.

A popular choice of meal is a three-course dinner. Served to your table, you can wow your guests with a light and delicate starter, followed by a hearty meat dish for mains and a choice of delectable desserts. While many people choose chicken, beef, pork or lamb as their main dishes, if you choose IMS of Smithfield as your catering meat supplier, game and turkey could also be on the menu.

We can also help you cater for your halal meal. At our butchers, we have an entirely separate division focussed on providing you and your guests with an exceptional choice of halal meat. Check out our halal range here.

Finding the Best Meat for Your Needs

Finding quality meat of your choice shouldn’t have to be hard work. If you are concerned about the provenance, food miles and the welfare of animals, then IMS of Smithfield is the perfect choice. With over 40 years’ in the London trade supplying some of the biggest names in the catering industry, we know a thing or two about supplying premier meat.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders and source your meat for you. As mentioned above, we offer a range of exceptional meat cuttings for small or large wedding receptions. So, take a look at our offering and get in touch to see how we can help you, now you know our catering tips for weddings!